The Divine Spirituality Walk : (8 am to 11 am)



The Divine Spirituality Walk INR : 3500.00

(All Taxes Inclusive)
Tour Timing (8 am to 11 am)
Location Delhi
Total persons allowed per Tour 10
Pick Up Points Outside Jama Masjid Police Station

Spiritual Walk through the Religious Places of Chandni Chowk

Ever struggled to satisfy the spiritual hunger that you always felt?
If you are in India, why miss the wonderful opportunity to enlighten yourself and explore the spiritual abodes of Delhi!

Guava Trips offers you a magnificent journey to the spiritual portals in Delhi which will absolutely influence your spiritual domain.

Starting with India’s largest mosque, The Jama Masjid, the architectural marvel itself will make you intrigued. The harmony of people in the locality is always appreciated by every person who visits the place thronged with people of all religions. Get valuable information and stories from a Friend who will constantly take you through the secret passages of spirituality.

Visit the Digambar Jain Lal Mandir, the place which has the power to attract anybody who is trying to awaken the inner self. As we take you to the Charity Birds Hospital, where birds are treated for free, you will feel more connected to nature and the atmosphere is full of chirruping and lovely ambience.

The visit to Gurudwara Langad is going to be an ever memorable one since the place embraces equality through serving food for everyone and spiritual healing.

Explore the hidden sites like the Siva temple which has a 4000 years old bell.

This journey is magical and will fill you up with positive energy. Get ready to embark on this amazing journey of a lifetime by clicking the “Join Now” button.

"We will not accept any tips because we are not guides or escorts but local mates."

If you require to have this experience for yourself alone or just your family and friends, we will provide you a private tour with a local friend for 100$ per head. 

What is on this journey:

☞ Visit to Jama Masjid
☞ Visit to Hindu Temples
☞ Visit to Jain Temple
☞ Visit to Gurudwara(Worship place for Sikh Community)
☞ Visit to Spice Market
☞ Visit to local places of importance
☞ Learning about religions and worship practices in India
☞ Learning about history and culture of Old Delhi

Contact Details: +91 9818778967 (Guava Trips) call us before coming, so that proper guidance will be provided.

* Excluding: Jama Masjid Photography Fees (Rs:300-) as charged by the Monument..




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