1.    We are trying to book the tour online for 12 people but are unable to book despite the calendar showing availabilities for that date.

We take a maximum booking for 10 persons per tour to ensure efficiency & quality of our tours.For any special requests you can still reach us through the contact us page on our website. We will get back to you within 24 hours

2.    We are booking a tour for 6 people, but we are still unable to book.

It may be possible that 5 or more people may have already booked a tour for that date & hence you may not be able to book a tour for 6 people but may be able to book for that date with fewer people

3.    I want to take the Royal Heritage & Grand Haveli Tour, but I am pre-booked in the morning, is it possible to do the same tour in the evening?

Generally, we have fixed slots for every tour. Like, we do the Royal Heritage & Grand Haveli tour in the mornings only & the Dawat-e-Dilli Tour in the evenings only. But you can still put down your request on the contact us page. Based on or Guide Availablility& Logistics, we will get back to you within 24 hours. We may just go out of the way to make your experience memorable!

4.    I don’t speak English. But, I am interested in your tour. Do you provide your tour in other language also?

Currently, we only have guides for English. But we will soon start with Spanish, German,Russian & French based on demand requests.

5.    We want to book both the Royal Heritage & Grand Haveli Tour as well as the Dawat-e-Dilli Tour for the same day.Is it feasible to do both the tours on the same day? Also, any special discounts if we book both the tours?

It’s up to you!!..But we would generally not recommend doing both the Tours in ChandniChowk for the same day as it could get very taxing & tiring for you. Rather than doing both tours, we would recommend you to take our Customized Tour Package for ChandniChowk. You could design your own tour through our customized tours or even leave it upto our expert Guides to give you the best of both our Tours through our package.It would also be a more cost friendly option for you. We would provide you 20% Cashback during our Tour, if you book both our tours. But we would still not recommend doing both the tours on the same day.

6.    Our Schedule has changed, and we want to shift our booking to the next day.

Please cancel your previous booking through the booking tab on the top right of the homepage by clicking on cancel booking and then writing your booking id no that you would have received at the time of your booking confirmation on your provided mail id. Please write to us your new booking date and tour name through our contact us page, and we would make the booking for you at no extra charges, based on availability.
7.    I have already cancelled the booking, but not received the refund till now.
a)    For cancellations from 7 or more days from Tour start timings, 100% Refund.
b)    For cancellation from 2 or more days from Tour start timings , 50 % Refund
c)    For cancellations within 48 hours from Tour start timings, no refund

If you fall under categories a) or b) as described, you will receive a refund in 7-10 business days. Please write to us in case it is taking more time.

8.    What happens if we reach late for the tour?

Our Guide will have your contact number & will coordinate with you before the tour starts on the day of the tour. Please try & reach 10 minutes in advance. The Tour will start on time, and if you are late, it will be accepted as a no-show and  refund would not be possible. Because of the dynamics of ChandniChowk, it will be difficult for you to catch up in between the tour and it will also be difficult for our guide to coordinate time & venue with you as well as manage the tour alongside.Thus, it would be difficult to accommodate you once the tour starts. However, Based on availability, we could provide you the same tour on some other day.

9.    What do we need to carry on the day of the Tour?

Just the soft copy or the hard copy of the acknowledgement mail you would have received from Guava Trips, once you have made the booking.
Other than that just your smiles, our guides will take care of the rest!

10.    How will I recognize our tour guide?

When we send our booking confirmation it contains our guide details like their name and contact number, though it's always easy to spot them at the meeting point in case there is any confusion you can always call them and find each other.

Our coordinator will be standing outside the venue in a green polo t-shirt with a guava trips logo (in white color) in the front and Guava Trips written on the back  (white color) which will help you to recognize us.

11.    Can I Bring along a friend? She has not booked but can pay during the tour or online?

Please check with us for slot availability for that particular day, if it's available one can make the payment online. If it's a last minute walk in inclusion, then please check with our guides for slot availability and if they can accommodate more people for the same tour. One can make the payment during the case in such a scenario.

12.    What to wear in old Delhi?

Please dress modestly in Old Delhi, with comfortable clothes as we would also be visiting Jama Masjid Mosque during the Royal Heritage and Grand Haveli tour as well as during the Divine Spirituality Tour.

13.    Is the food hygienic? I don’t eat spicy food, will it be too spicy?

Old Delhi’s Chaat and pakwan(delicacies) have been famous since the time ChandniChowk was called Shahjahanabad. The chaat are mild spicy, the food is oily and the deserts are heavy.But, all of them are mouth-watering original chandnichowk recipes that one can’t miss when in Delhi. The chaat is not too spicy, though you have the option to pick and choose whatever you want to eat. Everone’s body reacts differently to street food, so you must know your road side food consumption levels before trying the delicious delicacies of Old Delhi.

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