Turn Your Desires for Travelling to your favourite Spots into reality with Twin Existences


Last updated: 2016-11-03 06:50:44

Turn Your Desires for Travelling to your favourite Spots into reality with Twin Existences

Some people find it enthralling spending a day in Sri Lanka while some are going crazy to visit Vegas. Many want to visit Krabi, where, some are dreaming a day in Africa. And many have their other desired destinations beyond seas. If you cannot afford to travel to your favourite destinations, how about visiting a place near to you that give exactly the same feel and pleasure?

1. A Cherished Dive, Lakshadweep

With its astonishingsite and gleaming coastline, this spot is a perfect spot for marine lovers. Lakshadweep, which is a heaven in the Indian Ocean, is surely hovering around the minds of travel enthusiasts. Don’t shrug off the charm and beauty of this paradise like place. So, where are you? There is an entire realmunderneath the water waiting for you!Just engage yourself in these incredible water adventures, dive deep into the turquoise waters, and experiencethe atoll.

2.  Phugtal Gompa, Jammu & Kashmir

Phugtal Gompa is hidden in the beautiful mountain caves of Jammu & Kashmir. It is assumed to be the remotest monastery in Asia. Phugtal Gompa is an amazing attraction located in the mountain cave in Zanskar. As you climb up the lofty mountains, youcan discover the huge views of the Tsarap River. There is no well-established road therein which could lead you to this lap of nature. You require trekking for a day or more to get a glimpse of this heavenly place!

3.  Ranthambore National Park

Do you have a craving for visiting Kenya Wildlife Reserve? Well, don’t pout; you can experience the same thrill and richness right in your country. There are more than ninety-nine national parks, forty tiger reserves and four hundred wildlife sanctuaries in India and still you want to embrace the wildlife of other countries? Check out the Ranthambore National Park wherein the royal tiger wanders free in his kingdom.

4.  Kanatal, Uttarakhand

Kanatal is one of the most unfamiliar places in India. Just over eighty km away from Dehradun, Kanatal is a beautiful little village for the ones who are very romantic. This stunning place is brimming with romance and spectacular warmth and views. Kanatal has exclusive terrace stays which are ideal for couples. So, while you are planning to take your spouse on a romantic trip to abroad, why not suffice your romantic and pleasurable zest here?

5. Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

If you are crazy about international Music festivals, then why not just experience the same flavour near you? Have you ever thought about picturing yourself in the presence of lush pastures listening to amazing electric music coupled with a delightful breeze brushing against your shoulders?No need to stay in your dreams, just jump out of the fairy world and experience it all in Ziro Valley. The music of different artists is waiting for you to amaze you with its descant and tune.

6. Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

Do you thing that the places which aren’t in India are much cleaner and much prettier than the ones in your country? Wake up and smell the coffee! Yes, just because you are ignorant about various such places within the realm of India, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. One such place is Mawlynnong in Meghalaya. It is amongst the most clean and unexplored destinations in India. The hamlet privileged as The Cleanest Village in Asia by the international bodies is fairly unknown to people of the nation. Are you looking for well-preserved roads, refined streets, unblemished houses, trimmed front-yards and paved sidewalks? All this can be discovered in this short but phenomenal place.

7.  Auli Can make you Skip a Heartbeat

A single image of skiing in Switzerland is enough for anyone to crave for a visit to that place. It is really paradise on earth and a desired place of most of the adventure buffs. But if you think that you cannot make it to that place, and then just drop it. Take out a trip to Auli, a skiing resort placed in the Garhwal Himalayas.

8.  Jump into the realm of North Eastern India

Yes, North Eastern India possesses some wonderful off-beat spots, which can be best relished on foot with your buddies. Backpack via pretty root bridges of Meghalaya, trek in the enthralling Dzukou valley; get amazed with the incredible sunrise view at Tiger hills in magical Darjeeling!

An amazing camel ride right in your pocket!

You heard it right; get ready for an engrossing ride on multi-coloured camels in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan. Check out the lovely sand dunes with streams of camels getting led by saffron turbaned men. So, need not to go anywhere else when you can relish the bizarrecamel safari right in your country!

10.  Do you think that Exotic traveling spots are not in your reach?

If it is so, then try out Athirapilly in Kerala, which was once a honeymoon destination but now has become family holiday destination. Sailing under the realm of these huge falls is surely known for fetching spine chilling excitements to all the ones visiting there.

Thus, just turn your traveling bucket list in reality!