Top 10 activities that are bound to give you an adrenaline rush


Last updated: 2016-11-23 05:34:36

Top 10 activities that are bound to give you an adrenaline rush

We often want to break free from our mundane routines and indulge in some high-octane activities. There is value in maintaining a disciplined lifestyle for better health, productivity, and family time, but there comes a time when we need to step aside from our daily routine for a short while, engage in some solitary activities or those with a few like-minded friends and get back to our daily lives with enthusiasm.

The problem is, not everyone knows how to accomplish this feat. We know that we want to break the monotony, but sometimes we don’t know how exactly to do it. Well, if you’re stuck in such a dilemma, then you must go through the list below because this will surely give you an idea about what and where you need to head next to and say goodbye to boredom!

1. Bungee Jumping – Jagdalpur (Chhattisgarh): Excitement, thrill, adrenaline rush, once in a lifetime activity, all these and more can be used to describe a bungee jumping experience. So, head to Jagdalpur where safe and picturesque bungee jumping is popular and fulfil your dream!


2. Scuba Diving and/or SnorkellingWestern Coast: Large expanses of blue usually incite feelings of calmness in people. But for those who are agitating that calm blue surface and know what lies beneath it, there is nothing better than indulging in scuba diving or snorkelling in any of the several beaches you can find in India. All along the Western shoreline in states such as Goa and Maharashtra, you can easily find organisations that conduct safe underwater expeditions.


3. Water Surfing – Goa: Don’t want to dive underwater but want to feel the wind soaring past you as you conquer the surface of the waters in Goa? Then water surfing is a great idea for those who find boat and steamer ride not quite exciting.


4. Cave Expeditions – Meghalaya: There is beauty in living on meagre supplies in the middle of sparse surroundings that help us appreciate nature and its many wonders even more than earlier. Imagine spending a few days in a safe cave with the help of an experienced guide, totally disconnected from the worries of your everyday life and away from the rush and various forms of pollution that you have to battle with every day. In the Khasi and Jaintia Hills, there are many such supervised expeditions that you can be a part of and where you can also enjoy the beauty of mountain climbing and waterfalls. Some of the most popular caves in the ranges are Krem Dam, KremLymput, KremMawjymbuin, and KremMawkhyrdop.


5. Everest Base CampKathmandu (Nepal): If you are interested in some serious adventuring, then this is a must-do activity for you. Be a part of a group that treks to the base camp of the highest peak in the world. Located at the height of 18,523 feet, you can reach the EBC after a 15-day trek and drink in the views of the snow-capped mountains and pure skies with emotions throbbing hard in your heart.


6. Skiing – Kufri (Himachal Pradesh): Who said you have to shell out lakhs just to engage in the mind-boggling activity of skiing?! Right here in India, you can visit Kufri and be a part of the troop that will ski down the slopes in Mahasu, Narkanda, or any other exciting slope located in the state.


7. White Water RaftingSubansiri (Arunachal Pradesh): Another gem in the north-eastern part of India, Arunachal Pradesh is house to some of the finest water bodies where one can participate in white water rafting under the guidance of an experienced guide. Get into one of those sturdy rafts and paddle your way through rushing waters while you conquer your fear with every wave that you overcome with your raft! This adventurous activity can also be done in the Brahmaputra River, Assam, Ganga in Delhi, Kundalika River in Saje (near Mumbai), or the Kali River, Dandeli.


8. Flying Fox Adventure – Neemrana  Fort (Rajasthan): Imagine drinking insight of majestic forts from above, but not in the safe confines of a plane or helicopter! Get ready for some blood rushing moments as you are suspended above the Neemrana Fort thanks to the zip line placed strategically above it! Ziplining is quite a popular adventure in Rishikesh and Kikar in Chandigarh.


9. Glacier Trek – Khatling (Himalayan Range) – Ordinary trekking not that interesting anymore? Then give trekking on super thick slabs of ice a try! The Khatling Glacier is not only the source of river Bhilangana but also of many pumping hearts because of the adventurous treks carried out by authorised parties in the middle of the Indian Himalayan ranges!


10.  Paragliding – Goa, Kerala (Munnar): Apart from the interesting hotspots in Goa where there is plenty of fun and lively people to surround you, can also make the most of your time in the water by being a part of sports such as paragliding and banana water rides. Drift on the surface of the water as you are suspended in the air from fabric wing in Goa or sail atop large expanses of wonderful land in Munnar. The feeling of flying while you are being held up by strong cables, with the wind rushing at you and speeding sceneries beneath you is a must try!


These are just some of the rejuvenating experiences that you can dabble with and get back refreshed to your daily life. Think of these activities as charging you mobile battery – plug yourself into some awesome fun and become fully charged to tackle the problems that life has in store for you, head on!