These Ancient Architectures Will Brim You with Pride

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These Ancient Architectures Will Brim You with Pride

Are you ready to experience the historical beauty of India that lured conquerors and Colonists? To talk about the beauty that fascinates millions of tourists and inquisitive architects to the nation again and again. So, get ready to travel through the gorgeous Indian craftsmanship!

1.  Mahabodhi Temples

India had possessed a rich and diverse tradition of learning and knowledge and the upright leader of it is Lord Buddha. Mahabodhi is the temple wherein Lord Buddha once embraced enlightenment. The prince who left all the worldly desires behind to communicate peace and diminish the suffering of world Siddhartha came to perform reparation under a Peepul tree; it was the tree that was later adopted the name of the region Bodhgaya and Bodhi tree. This temple was first built by the great emperor Ashoka in 250 BC.

2.  Taj Mahal

If you ask any person who have ever been to India, you will get to know that he had paid a visit to Taj Mahal. It was constructed by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. It is amongst the most magnificent gestures of love to ever be occurred on Earth. There is a surpassing charm and grandeur. It has mapped itself on the hearts of people around the globe.

Temple Rani Ki Vav

It is an ancient step-well which was formed by Rani Udaymati in eleventh century AD for worshiping hallowed waters of Sarasvati River. Located in Patan, Gujarat, it is a beautiful example of subterranean architecture; it is sixty-four meters long, twenty meters wide and twenty-seven meters deep and goes downwards till a length of seven storeys. The central theme of this place is the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

4.  Elephanta caves

It is a wonderful blend of sculptural art and aesthetic beauty. The spectacular archaeological existing echoes the tale of the enriched dynasties which once ruled the entire place. These magnificent rock-cut caves of Elephanta were built somewhere in the mid-fifth to sixth centuries. The huge Cave is at a sophisticated height of thirty-nine meters rambling from the front entrance to back. An individual can engulf in this massive world of rock cut architecture.

5. Nalanda

Nalanda had been an ancient hub of higher learning in Bihar, India. The University of Nalanda is placed in Bihar. It was a Buddhist heart of learning. The prodigious library of Nalanda was so grand that it is stated to have burned for three long months after the attackers set fire to it, looted and demolished the monasteries, and herds the monks from the place.

6. Sun Temple,Konark, Odisha

The Surya Mandir of Konark is is popular not just for its architectural splendour but also for the obscurity and abundance of sculptural work. The whole temple has been regarded as a chariot of the sun god with twenty-four wheels, every about ten feet in diameter, along with a set of spokes and intricate carvings. Seven horses slog the temple and two lions protect the entry, devastating the elephants. One must not skip its panoramic view.

7. Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park

The architecture at this place bears a soundless testimony to the epoch bygone and showcases an amazing blend of Indo- Muslim architecture, which outcomes in complete and unaffected Islamic pre-Mughal city. The park actually includes no less than sixteen heritage structures than comprise of a main mosque, a helical step-well, a hill temple of Goddess Kali and many other spots.

8. The Iron Pillar, Delhi

Created in 4th century A. D., the Iron pillar of Delhi stands Sanskrit inscription in the Brahmi script that states that it was created in the admiration of the Hindu god, Vishnu and in the reminiscence of the great Gupta King Chandragupta II. It highlights the ancient achievements of India in metallurgy. This pillar is formed of ninety eight percent of wrought iron and has stood more than sixteen hundred years that too without rusting or decomposing. This pillar is seven meters high and 17 seventeen inches in diameter at the base and twelve inches in diameter at top.

9. Bhimbetka Rock Shelters

This Bhimbetka shelters, denotes an amazing reference to what we now refer to be the middle stone age. It is situated at the foothills of Vindhyan Mountains in Madhya Pradesh. It was discovered at late as in the year 1957. The cave paintings denote a near interaction between man and nature.

10. Chola Temples

The stunning Chola temples are living stories of the huge empire which Cholas created in Than javur. These splendid temples formed during the rule of Raja raja were the essence of the huge religious feeling of these rulers as the inscriptions and chronicles on wall sing about their lavish rule. This temple in ancient time was not just a religious centre but a complete functional business founding which was served and managed by a permanent staff of several hundred priests, four hundred devadas is and fifty-seven musicians.

Thus, while a slight peep is making you feel so proud, how about practical experience? Just pay a visit to these places and embrace the splendour of India.