Paradise for Avid Trekkers: Himalayan Treks That Are Too Magnetic and Intriguing to Miss Out On!


Last updated: 2016-11-25 08:54:01

Paradise for Avid Trekkers: Himalayan Treks That Are Too Magnetic and Intriguing to Miss Out On!

Catch the fever of adventure, thrill, beauty and trekking! Make your way through the snow, cross the greenery and make a memory of a lifetime at magnetic Himalayan treks. Whether you are an avid trekker or someone who simply loves adventure, here are a few treks you cannot miss out on: -

1. Chadar Trek – If you don’t know about the Chadar trek, then you are living under a rock. The difficulty level is quite challenging, but it is not impossible. This is known as one of the most fascinating treks all around India, and you are required to trek over Frozen Zanskar River. Sounds exciting, right?

2. Deotibba Hampta Pass -

A 5-day trek that is not too difficult or challenging is perfect for those who are not too used to trekking. The stunning mountains of Himachal Pradesh make it a wonderful destination for trekking. The DeotibbaHamptaPass is one of those treks where you will go from barren lands to patches of oak to lofty peaks and lush valleys.

3. Chopta Chandrashila – This is yet another enthralling trek in Garhwal, and it is quite an easy one. Make sure you pick September to November as the trekking months so you can experience the enchanting beauty and be spellbound by the passes.

4. Dzongri Goecha La –
It will take you about 13 days to finish this challenging trek journey. Summer is the best time for the DzongriGoecha La Trek as winter times can be extremely cold to handle. Nevertheless, adventure seekers love the snow and love exploring Sikkim during trekking. This is one of the finest destinations to trek!

5. Everest Base Camp – The EBC or Everest Base Camp has attracted people from every corner of the world. The charm and fascination of Mt. Everest never ends! This trek starts from Kathmandu, and you will go through ridges of The Himalayas, pine forests, drop dead gorgeous glaciers and so much more. The duration of this trek is 15 days and it is not an easy one.

6. Hampta Pass – An easy 5 days trek made for beginners. The Hampta Pass Trek is probably a cakewalk for experienced trekkers and great for those who are trying it out for the first time. The prismatic scenery of the glaciers, easy gradient, Himalayan range and alpine forests will be along the way during your journey.

7. Har ki Dun Trek – This is the least explored areas which is why this is perfect for you. The HarkiDun valley is well-known for its untouched beauty and pristine attractiveness. Snow-clad peaks, chinar, walnut and alpine forests make the trek even more special. You can spend some time relaxing and locate various species of birds along the way.

8. Pin Parvati Trek
– This strenuous 17 days’ trek will give an adrenaline rush to avid trekkers. This is one of the oldest treks in Indian Himalayas and is a passage to the ever so beautiful Spiti Valley. Called as the Valley of Gods, Pin Parvati Valley will be one of the finest trekking experiences of your life. It is mesmerizing, intriguing, energetic and did we mention exquisite?


9. Khatling Glacier Trek
– If the word glacier has already caught your attention, this trek is made for you. This is one of the most delightful and pleasing glaciers in the Himalayan Range in India. Trekkers can see the most spotless snow-clad peaks, scenic fields and hanging glaciers. Do we need to say more?

10. Kedar Kantha Trek
– This easy-going trek is ideal for starters. Mounting uphill through the valleys of Tons River and stopping by the Govind National Park, this trek is perfect. The entire valley is packed with snow during the winter season, and it is quite an experience.

So, pack your bags today! Get ready to experience something exceptional and undefinable by trekking through the Himalayas.