Experience the Aliveness of 10 Virgin Beaches of India

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Last updated: 2016-11-05 08:25:17

Experience the Aliveness of 10 Virgin Beaches of India

Talking about beautiful virgin beaches, India too has a plenty of beaches on its plate. A visit to these places can make your beach holiday splendid and a life time experience. Apart from the mainstream beaches, these virgin beaches not just enchant the visitors with their intact beauty, but they also massage the visitors with their mesmerizing splendour.

This virgin beach is snuggled amidst an old-fashioned village named, Daman and Diu, look like much like the form of a shoe of a horse. The largest in all the beaches in the union territory, it really makes for a wholesome and exciting experience with the playful sands, bright green water and the plush greeneries around. This magnificent beach will transport you to an enchanted land of pleasure conferred with elegance and striking ambience.

There is no doubt that Lakshadweep is the tiniest Union Territories in India, but when talking about spectacular islands and virgin beaches, it surpasses nearly all the other destinations. The Agatti Island is one of the most picturesque and salubrious beach. The appealing charm and convincing beauty of Agatti beach really makes it for a tranquil experience. So, don’t miss a chance to encompass plethora of this charming spot.

  • Marari Beach, Kerala
It is situated in the picturesque hamlet of Mararikkulam in Alappuzha. This attractive beach is amongst the prettiest virgin beaches across the country. Different from the other charming beaches in Kerala, Marari Beach caters the visitors ample of calmness, serenity and tranquillity in the mid of the golden sands and lively waves. A day spent amidst the ambience and beauty of this place can imbibe you with freshness.

  • Bangaram Beach, Lakshadweep
Charming atoll, Blue bays, and pleasant feel of Bangaram Island makes it amongst the most looked-for retreat in Lakshadweep Islands. Lovely and scenic coral reefs can leave you stunned. Tourists visit this beach from both India and across the seas. This is a perfect spot to spend some leisure time with your friends or loved ones.

It is an adored beach in Asia. Radhanagar Beach in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is popular for the untouched loveliness and appealing attraction it possesses. Though the blue and pleasing waters will prickle your senses, the calmness that resides on this beach shall definitely make your heart fall for it. So, just snatch some brilliance of nature from this beach.

  • Talasari Beach, Orissa
Brimming with scenic palm and coconut plantations, Talasari Beach in Odisha is amidst the most beautiful virgin beaches in India. It is placed in the north of Odisha and is also known for its gratifying sunrise and sunset sights. Not crowded like other beaches in state, it has reserved its unspoiled prettiness and charm. The stunning sand dunes all around, bright blue waves and the swanky greeneries around are icing on the cake. The sights of this area leave the visitors amaze.

  • Cola Beach, Goa:
The tranquil and primeval ambience of the Cola Beach in Goa will definitely calm your soul and mind with an ease. It is stated only ata distance of 5km from Agonda Beach in Goa. This virgin grimy retreat is a real distinction to the general beachside disturbances and crowd in the surroundings. So, allow yourself to inhale some moments of freshness and tranquillity.

  • Benaulim Beach, Goa
If you think that all the beaches in Goa are for partying and happening crowds, then you might have skipped extremely tranquil and calm Benaulim beach. Therein, along with having a splendid pleasure of natural beauty, you can jump into the area of sports game. You can also enjoy variety of activities such as parasailing, dolphin spotting, boat rides and jet skiing. Try it out and you will cherish these moments for the rest of your life.

  • Varca Beach, Goa
Don’t forget to experience the heavenly aura of this beach. This is no less than a paradise in Varca. The beach is perfect for the traveling buffs who want leisure. It is stated in the South Goa. The fresh and bouncy waves of water and the cool breeze will win your heart. Whether you are going there with your friends, relatives or alone, you will have an enhancing experience. The area is not much crowded and you can grab some calm moments far from the hustle and bustle of city.

Thus, whether you want to go with your spouse or a friend, your visit to these beaches will bestow a lingering effect on you.