Don’t Wait to Experience the trip of Eight Exhilarating Destinations

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Last updated: 2016-10-13 05:33:24

Don’t Wait to Experience the trip of Eight Exhilarating Destinations

Are you a lover of thrill?  Have you always been looking for adventure in everything you come across? Then, no need to keep your enthusiasm inside, just live your desires by visiting the most breath-taking, enthralling and gorgeous places in India.

    1. 1.      Manesar

If you have a plan to go to Delhi for a work but want to grab some fun, thrill and enjoyment in your compact tour, then you must visit Manesar.  It is just at a distance of 58km from Delhi. The beautiful surroundings of this area will take you to a new world. Far from the tremendously busy streets of Delhi, you can steal some tranquillity from this place. Manesar is home to numerous drowsy villages and natural scenic beauty which you can enjoy within a day. There are some amazing shopping spots too.

    1. 2.      Sohna

A tiny, picturesque little town situated at a distance of 64km from Delhi has so many pleasures for you on its plate. For those who are seeking greenery, freshness and calmness, can find this place heavenly. This place is well known amidst tourists for its medicinal water springs too. Moreover, there is also a lovely temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

    1. Ranikhet

You can spend a wonderful time with your friends and family at Ranikhet. You can get a wonderful camping experience in the spectacular surroundings of this beautiful place. This place is also known as Queen’s Meadow. This place is a blend of magical beauty and adventurous camping endeavours. The greenery and the variant shades of sky here give a phenomenal feel. 

    1. Kasauli

Whether you are with your colleagues, friends or family members, Kasauli has so much for you. The attractiveness of this place is enchanting. No one can escape the charismatic charm of this place. It has many lover points for couples and for families, the place is full of scenic beauty, Monkey point, church and the market it has add to the plethora of this heavenly place.

    1. Bharatpur

If it is monsoon and you are worried about where to go out for thrill, then you must visit Bharatpur. It is one of the most astonishing locations to visit near Delhi. This place is popular for the UNESCO listed Keoladeo Ghana National Park, which encompasses hundreds of species of birds. This place also has a couple of few archaic structures, which are worth visiting.

    1. The Lush Safaris in Jaipur

 Are you thinking that the office routine, the piled up files and the daily humdrum life has robbed all the enthusiasm, aliveness and fun from your life? Don’t worry. Just give yourself a break and grasp all the energy and freshness you need by experiencing the beguiling Elephant Safaris at Amber Fort. No matter you are a kid, youngster or middle aged fellow, you can get the most out of these royal rides.

    1. 7.      Mussoorie

For your family and friends, the perfect traveling destination can be Mussoorie. This place has a lot of pristine beauty of the nature. Whether you want to enjoy on a Cable Car Ride or a Ropeway Ride, you can enjoy it. Moreover, the market in this area can give you a rich shopping experience. Adding to all this, just relax with your loved ones in this lap of nature. Such a holiday can rejuvenate your mood, health and mind!

    1. 8.      Shimla

If you have never visited the broad bridge of Shimla, then give it a try. This place has always been on the lips of tourists. Moreover, it is a blend of beauty and trade. If you are a religious person, you can visit the spellbound temples or church scattered in the surrounding of this place. Especially during the snow, the experience can give you a divinely pleasure.

In a nutshell, you have so much of beauty, thrill, zeal and fun all around the Capital of Delhi. Just plan out a trip and have a time of your life.