10 Off beat Romantic Places to Stir the Romantic Soul within You!


Last updated: 2016-11-23 05:57:13

10 Off beat Romantic Places to Stir the Romantic Soul within You!

Ladies and gentlemen – the art of wooing, courting, serenading, and really making love to our loved one are sadly fading from prominence. In this world of shortcuts, impatience, and high-end gadgets, people are fonder of sending each other stickers and ‘emojis’ decorated with smiles, sparkles, and hearts rather than holding each others’ hands or spending some quiet moments in the arms of each other. But did you know that one of the main culprits for this abominable way of expressing our love is not time, work, or changing human nature, but the lack of the right place to do it? Can you imagine going down on one knee and proposing the man you love in the middle of a busy highway or in the mall? Chances are you’ll be crushed before he even looks at you properly or says yes!

This is exactly why of some of the most romantic getaways in India have been listed here!

1.  Malvan, Maharashtra – The throbs and ebbs of popular spots in Maharashtra are good to spend quality time with your excited friends and family. But if you want some quiet and stunning views while you spend some quality loving time with your partner, then head to quieter, cleaner, and more charming Malvan, it’s beaches and its glorious scenes.


2.  Dhankar Lake, Spiti Valley – This is one of those places that you’d love to visit if you want to be surrounded by majestic hills, views and with hardly anybody but a soul around you. The Dhankar Lake is that bright spot of blue lying amidst the hills of Spiti Valley. The blue of the water and the skies contrasted beautifully by the browns and beige of the hills will surely inspire the poetic or mawkish side of you!


3.  Naini Lake (Naini), Uttarakhand – The Naini Lake is a must visit spot even when you’re not romantic! But when you want to make your romantic holiday even more beautiful, then why not head to one of the most beautiful lakes in the whole world, which is surrounded by natural beauty, local amenities, always blessed with beautiful weather, and which will surely make your partner fall in love with you even more than before?!


4.  Ooty–For those who like greenery and sparse population, Ooty is a wonderful getaway. Head to this hill station that is not only well-known for its tea and coffee estates, homemade rum chocolates, and hospitable homestays, but is also known to be a perfect destination for those who want to share some intimate moments with their loved ones amidst comfort and beauty.


5.  Alleppey, Kerala – In the God’s own country, there is so much natural beauty to dazzle you that you may want to extend your visit to it and delay your return to your own city as much as possible. Cruise one of the pretty but sturdy boat housesin the waters of Alleppey and hold your loved one tight as you watch the passing sceneries and add many more beautiful moments to your memories. The backwaters are placid, beautiful, and the surrounding landscape will surely keep you in your best mood throughout your visit!


6.  Khajjar, Himachal Pradesh – Have you always fancied walking through a forest holding the hand of your loved one and getting mesmerized by an aura of romance and natural beauty at the same time? Then you should definitely head to the valley region of Khajjar where dense forests await you, your partner, and your romantic expedition!


7.  Minicoy, Lakshadweep – The clear, clear blue waters of the Arabian Sea enjoyed on white sandy beaches with your loved one beside you and a bottle of some fine wine in your hand – paints a pretty picture, doesn’t it? Well, why just let it be a picture in your mind! Make it a reality and head to this gloriously beautiful island state at the first chance you get! Enjoy some quiet time with just you and your loved one on the beach as you sit there and stare out at the sea before you or walk on the shores holding hands.


8.  Havelock Islands, Andaman – Another romantic getaway that most people enjoy in the company of water and their partner is located in the Andaman region. Known for its clear waters, wonderful ship rides, and thriving and caring hospitality industry, the Havelock Islands are perfect for those who want to give land regions a break without travelling abroad and spending an ample amount of money.


9.  Pelling, Sikkim – Sikkim is one of the most beautiful, clean and romantic places in India. Wonderful ancient customs combined with their exemplary hospitality traditions make Sikkim one of the most wanted holiday destinations for many couples. Explore the northeast and pay a visit to this colourful, hilly region that is prevalent with wonderful people, unique customs, and serene surroundings bound to inspire a tonne of romance within you!


10.  Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh – A lush, green valley that just begs to be explored by loved ones awaits you, should you wish to explore it! Ditch the commercially populated places, and instead, opt for tranquillity in this valley that is home to calm lakes and lots of greenery nestled amidst gentle hill ranges. Give your overworked systems a break and enjoy each other’s company in this place with stunning views and amazing weather throughout the year.


Trek, hike, party or just kick your feet back and relax. But make sure you do it with your loved ones soon! Take your pick out of these places, plan your dates, adjust your finances and get ready to kindle the dying flames of your romance in any one of these places immediately (or all of them, should you wish to love your partner a little more)!