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Are you a lover of thrill?  Have you always been looking for adventure in everything you come across? Then, no need to keep your enthusiasm insid [...]

Delhi being the capital city of India is one of the major hubs of the country. Not only is it the power centre, but it is also a very popular tourist [...]

Delhi’s Surrounding Tourist Places

08-08-2016 by Guava Trips

The Indian capital boasts of several weekend getaways from the hustle bustle of city life. There is no dearth of a short holiday sport near Delhi. It [...]

The capital of India is a historic city and has a lot to offer to the tourist who visits it. From ancient monuments to forts and mosques, there is amp [...]

The national capital, being a historical city, boasts of several tourists’ places and is also the most sought after city among the 4 metros of t [...]

A Few Worthy Tourist Attractions in Delhi

07-26-2016 by Guava Trips

Delhi is truly a city of many parts. Not only is it the place for all kinds of governmental decision making, it is also a city where one can enjoy the [...]